How to Treat Dry Cat Skin

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Does your cat suffer from dry skin?

Cat dandruff is a common skin related problem for cats. You can observe a dry and flaky skin with white flakes of dandruff appearing in the coat of your cat. Cat dandruff can also develop from bacterial infection, parasites, allergies, obesity and feline diabetes. This dandruff can be controlled in various ways. Installing humidifiers to control the moisture level can help you to get rid of dandruff. Frequent brushing the coat of your cat with a soft brush can also help you to eliminate dandruff from the coat.

To get rid of dry skin on your cat once and for all though, you should supplement with a fish oil for cats. It has been noted that a deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids in diet of your cat can cause dandruff in the coats of cats. Fish oil is a vital source of this fatty acid and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy coat in cats. This fatty acid is derived from the fish oils of fish such as trout, salmon and flaxseed. Two most important fatty acids that help to cure cat dandruff are DHA and EPA with DHA. It has been experimentally proved that fish oil is good for healing dry, hairless areas in the coat of a cat and also helps hair to grow properly.

Omega 3 fatty acids are available as fish oil for cats in a liquid or pill form and can be purchased over the counter. Fish oil for cats should be supplemented on a daily basis in addition to a healthy feline diet. Fish oil for cats is to be taken internally once a day. Most veterinarians now advise cat owners to use fish oil in the diet of their cats. As fish oil for cats works internally to help your cat to heal, it will take some time to take effect.

The time that is required for treating the dandruff varies. In general it is found that 6 to 12 weeks is required by the fish oil to relieve the cat skin from dandruff. To keep the coat of your cat shiny and healthier you must use fish oil for your cat consistently. Always remember to cross check with your veterinarian before using a fish oil for your cat.

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