Cod Liver Oil for Cats

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Cod liver oil for cats is a top notch source of not only the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA but also of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Obviously from the name of the oil we know that all of these are found in the liver of a Cod. How it is created is perfect for your cat that needs these nutrients anyway. The cod produce these fatty acids and vitamins internally storing them in the liver which means including this into your pet’s diet is a great idea.

If you make your own cat food from a homemade recipe then adding in some cod liver oil will take care of the omega 3 fatty acid requirement. Fatty acids like DHA and EPA assist in healthier skin and also a healthier coat for your feline pet that is noticeable and obviously much more comfortable for the cat.

In addition to the coat and skin health support, omega 3 fatty acids also work as an anti inflammatory that can significantly help with arthritis. To top off the benefits of just these two omega 3 fatty acids are the promotion of healthy eyes a healthy brain and heart health.

Loving your kitty is important, and showing them by helping them be as healthy as they can be is another way of loving them. One of the other beneficial health enhancers in Cod liver oil for cats is Vitamin A, which will help to boost your cat’s immune system as well as also supporting the health of their eyes.

The last but certainly not least of these health benefits is found due to amount of Vitamin D found in cold liver oil for cats. Vitamin D supports the maintenance of healthy muscles, nerves and bones in your cat.

As much as you loved to see your cat bounding around from one place to another, you can protect and in many cases, get them back to that agility and prowess with the proper doses of Vitamin D. All together the DHA, EPA, Vitamin A and Vitamin D all support each other in the system of your cat, giving them help with their health.

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