Fish Oil for Cats – Omega 3-6-9 Supplements for Cat Health

Benefits of Fish Oil for Cats

Does your kitty have dry, hairless patches? Does he show signs of low or no energy and stiff joints? Maybe you need to get him a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement. Say what? You might be thinking about right now. Well, just like fish oil for humans, fish oil for cats can help improve their immune system, cognitive functions, arthritis, behavior, cholesterol levels, provide cancer prevention and give them a shiny coat.

Fish oil for cats can also help with inflammation that, if left untreated, can lead to such problems as strokes, heart-attacks, high-cholesterol, premature death, and many different types of infections. It is very effective in treating a multitude of health problems and increasing their survival rate. Veterinarians are using fish oil for cats as part of a regular treatment regimen because they are more easily absorbed into the system and show results quicker than all the others.

Just like our food, cat food lacks the extra Omega-3 fatty acids that they need as much as we do.

A Healthy Cat Will Help Your Health

You might be wondering why you should worry about such a minor dietary detail just for a cat, but let’s face it, what would we do without our furry friends? Research shows that owners of pets have far less health problems than people who do not own pets.  It’s true our cats need us for their health just as we need them for our health.

It has been proven that pet owners have a lower heart-attach mortality rate by 3%, better mental well-being, lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, less stress, and visit the doctor way less than people who do not have pets. Studies also show that children who have pets develop a nurturing nature that may continue into adult-hood, stay involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and hobbies, have enhanced cognitive abilities, and less allergies if exposed to pets during their first year of life.

Keep in mind that after giving your cat fish oil, you may not see a difference for a few months. That’s because, again, just like us, their bodies change from the inside out. From individual cells, to tissues, to organs, and ultimately the hair and skin become radiant.

Choosing The Best Fish Oil for Cats

Omega-3 fatty acids that provide most benefits are DHA and EPA. Check labels carefully to find the purest form of fish oil that filter out harmful toxins in the fish from the water streams they come from, making sure it has been molecularly distilled to filter out the toxins which consist of the harmful chemicals mercury and dioxin.

We personally highly recommend Wysongs EFA for cats and dogs by Dr. Wysong.

In addition to valuable omega 3’s and 6’s, Wysongs EFA for cats also contain omega 9 fatty acids to round out the range of healthful dietary fatty acids provided by Wysong oils.

Wysong’s special processing and natural antioxidant Oxherphol ™ will help to deliver stabilized, active, natural, essential fatty acids to your cats diet. Additionally, Wysong ingredients are specially chosen to create a perfect balance of omega fatty acids to shift fatty acid metabolism toward a natural form.

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